What To Expect

On your first visit, be sure to arrive 5 minutes early.  While in the waiting room you will be greeted by our therapist and asked to fill out a quick form, so your therapist can meet your needs effectively.  Restrooms are conveniently located for use before massage.  The therapist will then show you back to a relaxing room with soft lighting and soothing sounds.  Your massage will include freshly laundered linens of highest quality used on the massage table.  All massages use organic lotion and oils.  Hot towels and in some cases, hot packs are used to completely relax your muscles.  To ensure your comfort table may be heated for a cozy feel.  Disrobing is always to your comfort level.  All massages start with sheet and blanket completely covering client.  Only the area being worked on is exposed.  After massage the therapist will talk with you about convenient payment options and discuss any follow up appointments needed.  Thank you for trusting us with your massage needs!