Our Services

Therapeutic Massage

     One hour of therapeutic massage.This massage is specifically to target adhesions and knotted muscles.Multiple modalities will be used including trigger point, swedish,and deep tissue( if needed).

60 mins $99.00

Hot Rock Massage

     Extremely relaxing hour of massage using hot rocks.Use of Hot Rocks helps even the most stubborn muscles release. Heaven!

60 mins $109.00

Prenatal Massage

     One hour of relaxation massage for Mommies-to-be.During this massage I pay special attention to lowback, hips and any area that is giving the Mommy difficulty. Best gift ever!

60 mins $99.00

Orthopedic/Sport Massage

     This massage is specifically for the athlete or athlete in training. Special attention will be paid to origin, insertion and belly of muscles.Therapist will search for all adhesions that could hinder complete range of motion and power.Positional release methods will be utilized along with traditional relaxation modalities. Specialized stretches will be recommended and any muscle imbalance will be noted. This therapy is designed to move you closer to your athletic goals.

65 mins $120.00

90 minute therapeutic relaxation

    This massage includes both orthopedic (for problematic muscles) and lomi-lomi (for its decadent relaxation of muscles and spirit).

90 mins $139.00

Premium Massage

   Seventy-five minutes of pure bliss!This theraputic massage relaxes knotted muscles and takes you down to zero.Hot towels enhance the experience with aroma therapy built right in.

75 mins $119.00